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On Snydle You can create your own blog and that is also without advertisements

If you want to put Advertisements then we will share 50% of revenue to you

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Rules at Glance

  1. On SNYDLE we prefer to have 800 words per post.
  2. Snydle is not for your SEO work. So if you are looking for that better look for somewhere.
  3. All SEO blogs will be deleted without warning and user will be banned
  4. You are allowed to add links to your domain as long as it is an authoritative reference.
  5. Your links should looks like organic link. Which means that it should stand together with similar links.
  6. Once you asked us to add advertisements then we will share 50& of revenue to you. However there should be minimum 20 posts before we put advertisements

Example Snydle Site

  1. http://easyday.snydle.com/
  2. http://lazygirl.snydle.com/
  3. http://cathy.snydle.com/
  4. http://starsricha.snydle.com/

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